World’s Sexiest Filing Cabinet

In case you missed it, The Blue Boffice is the sexiest home office ever created.

To see the full reveal of The Blue Boffice, click here.

If you want to see step-by-step processes of how The Blue Boffice and these sexy filing cabinets were created, visit my Instagram page and watch the “Blue Boffice” highlights bubble

The focal point and stand out piece of The Blue Boffice was the filing cabinets. Yes, you read that right. The FILING CABINETS were the best part of this Blue Boffice masterpiece. How? Well I created beautiful focal feature fronts for these filing cabinets and I’m going to teach you exactly how I did it!

To watch the full transformation of these filing cabinets, see the 1-minute video here.

This is what the filing cabinets looked like before. 

I bought a bunch of hardboard handy panels from Home Depot. I used my table saw to cut larger pieces that were the same size as the fronts of the filing cabinet drawers. Then I ripped 100+ strips into 1-inch pieces. 

Next, I used painter’s tape to map out the pattern I wanted to make out of wood on the filing cabinets. I used that as a stencil to cut my wood strips to size and then used wood glue to attach them to the boards. I filled the seams with wood filler, caulked all of the edges, sanded anything that was rough, primed the boards, and then painted them. 

After everything was dry, I glued the boards onto the filing cabinets and drilled some holes to attach the drawer pulls. 

And thus the world’s sexiest filing cabinets were born! 

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