The Blue Boffice

Here it is! The Blue Boffice Blog. My baby! Btw, I get asked this a lot. “Blue Boffice” = Blue + Boss + Office.

Watch the full Blue Boffice transformation video in under a minute.

For step-by-step processes on how the Blue Boffice was created, visit my Instagram page and click through the “Blue Boffice” highlights bubble.

Johanne is a lawyer in Toronto. She approached me about creating a home office for her to run her law practice. Here was the brief:

  • Have legal size filing cabinets
  • Feature a double desk – one for computer and one for paperwork
  • Feature functional storage
  • Be beautiful and Instagram-worthy
  • Be a balance of masculine and feminine design 
  • Be blue! 

This project was so much fun to create and was definitely a lot of hard work. I started with a few ready-made products as the base of the office:

  1. Johanne had an existing desk she was willing to upcycle
  2. Ready-made filing cabinets from Staples
  3. Ready-made Billy Bookcases from Ikea 

Once I had these things in place, I built some framing around them to form the outsides of the main desk. I used 2x2s to create this framing. The filing cabinets became the base, quartz countertop was placed on top, and the Billy Bookcases went on top of that. 

Johanne wanted a built-in look so I added some MDF panels to build-in the bookcases and added crown moulding so that it looked finished, professional, and super high end. 

The whole thing was painted blue, and The Blue Boffice took shape!

The stand-out piece of the entire Boffice was the feature fronts of the filing cabinets! For more information on how I did these gorgeous babies, check out my world’s sexiest filing cabinets post.

Here’s the finished Blue Boffice in all its glory!

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