One-day Feature Wall

See the full transformation video here.

To see the full tutorial on how I made this feature wall, visit my Instagram page and check out the “Entrance Wall” highlights bubble.

When we first moved into our Toronto home, there was some much-needed loving required. Everything was this ugly shade of yellow and it just felt like it was a space from the 70s (which is not bad considering the house is 98 years old). 

After giving it a beautiful coat of white paint, I decided to build a feature wall in a day! 

I went with my go-to favourite wood for building feature walls. I didn’t have to cut these down at all, as I used them in their full 3/12 inch size. 

In order to calculate how much space I needed to leave between boards, I first attached all of my borders. I then measured the remaining space left, and divided it by how many additional boards I wanted to use. From there, I created a wood template so I knew how much space to leave in between without having to measure each time. 

I cut all of the boards down to the appropriate length with my table saw and used my Brad Nailer to affix the wood to the walls. 

After that was done, I caulked all of the seams, filled the holes with wood filler, and gave it a final coat of paint. 

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