Nursery Makeover 

View the full transformation video in under a minute here! 

To see the full video step-by-step process, visit my Instagram page and click on the “Nursery” highlight bubble.

When we moved into our 3-bedroom Toronto house, I knew that our little Evan had to have a beautiful nursery dedicated just to him. Here were his previous two nurseries in our last home: Dreamy Bright Nursery, Geometric Accent Wall Nursery

I started by painting the other three walls to brighten up the room and then it was time to build the feature wall. 

I bought a pack of bulk baseboards from Home Depot and used my Table Saw to rip the boards down into 1-inch strips. 

After that, I mapped the plan for the feature wall out on the wall using painter’s tape to get a visual representation of how the final product would look. 

Using the tape as a guideline, I made a few stencils so that I could ensure the spacing was even. After this, I got to work! 

View the video highlights of putting this feature wall together.

I used my Ryobi Cordless Nail Gun to secure all of the wood strips to the wall. After I was done, I caulked all of the seams with this caulking and caulk gun, and then filled all the holes with this wood filler.

Now we’re ready to paint! I taped up the adjoining walls with this Scotch Blue paint cover and then used my Spray gun to paint the walls. 

Now that the feature was complete, I had to finish the rest of the room! 

I hung my Ikea shelves on the opposite side of the room, added my refinished dresser from Evan’s previous nursery [link], added paintings and décor, and voila! 

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